What are the factors to take into account when choosing office chairs?

  • It must be adjustable: both in inclination and in height, office chairs must have this characteristic as this will help to reduce the muscular load in the areas of neck and shoulders. It is important that it is rotating and that it has support for the rest of the lumbar zone.
  • Skin: the office chairs perfect must have upholstered seat and back in fabric breath ability, so we should avoid materials like leather and accumulating heat.
  • Foam of the seat: when it is very long the amount of time that the employee must be sitting in the office chair, it is important that the foam with which it is made is adequate: soft for a short time of use and foams that vary in Densities of soft and higher foams.
  • Proper position: the correct posture consists of the fully erect back. Looking at the front and back fully supported on the back, right shoulders and thighs parallel at an angle.
  • Stability: if you decide on a wheelchair that has wheels, it is advisable to have 4 to 5 wheels to ensure the stability of the chair.
  • Height: it is important that we can select the height in which we feel more comfortable, so it must be adjustable to be able to regulate its height between 38 cm and at least 50 cm.

To improve posture. Ergonomic office chairs, which provide comfort and at reasonable prices for all needs, are nowadays a trend. Most office chairs are swivel, pleasant to use and with back and adjustable head, we must find the one that best suits the job. We recommend our section office furniture and office desks.