Top 10 Best Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to relaxing and enjoying the beach, one of the most important handy things to have is a beach chair. There are many beach chairs available in the market in different sizes and styles. and Best Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Reviews

You should take a few things into consideration when picking up a beach chair. Some of the things you need to take into account are the chair models.

Find out whether it is robust, easy to carry, flexible, inclining in nature, etc. It will help you in selecting the best chair that will fulfill your needs.

Top 10 Best Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Reviews

Following is the list of Top Ten Best Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs along with their pros and cons, customer reviews and FAQs.


Tommy Bahama 2016 Beach Chair Bundle With De Reve Cooler Bag

This chair has a very good design. It is stable since it can sustain a lot of weight. This chair has a pouch that you can use to store your stuff.Tommy Bahama 2016 Beach Chair Bundle With De Reve Cooler Bag reviews

This chair has the features of reclining and adjusting to give you more support in different positions.

It is also very easy to carry and store as it features carry straps.

It is made of quality materials and hence, it is very durable.

The Features of this chair include a lightweight rustproof aluminum frame with an Insulated beverage or storage pouch, five chair positions including lay flat, adjustable pillow, padded shoulder straps, molded arms with cell phone/cup holder, Weight capacity- 300LBS and includes insulated carry on lunch pouch.


  • Storage: These chairs have a built-in cooler (can hold a couple of cans/bottles), another pouch to hold your books, sunscreen, etc.
  • Cup/Phone Holder: A nifty cup holder and phone holder
  • Transport: Turns into a backpack, which makes those treks to and from the beach a breeze.


  • A bit confusing at first: I never thought I would say this about a chair, but they are a bit confusing to figure out how to recline & fold back up after use. Once you figure out you have to lift the armrests, it is a breeze.

Does this have a storage pouch attached to the back of the chair?

You are welcome, it also has a small cooler attached to the back! It is a great little chair!

Could I lay on my stomach to sunbathe and be comfortable?

I have never tried it as I prefer to sit back. I assume the comfort should be ok.

How do I close this chair?

Lay the chair on its back. Press down firmly on the legs of the chair to fold the chair. I have the most luck with the front leg. This leg will be on top when you lay the chair on its back.

What is the de reve Cooler Bag like?

It’s a small carry lunch bag, that has some insulation.

How high is the seat from the ground?

The chair sits very close to the ground.

Does it have a strap to help keep closed?

The chair goes have a strap to keep it closed.

Tommy Bahama 2015 Backpack Cooler Chairs Review

This is a pack of two chairs that you will find a little bit more costly but well constructed.

You might even consider looking at them rather than sitting in them because of their fantastic looks in green and light blue colors.Tommy Bahama 2015 Backpack Cooler Chairs Review

They weigh only fourteen pounds and are extraordinarily easy to carry.

Features of this chair include a Lightweight, rustproof aluminum frame. Adjusts to 5-positions including fully recline.

Adjustable pillow, padded shoulder straps, and rubber carry handle. Insulated storage, cargo pouches, and folding towel bar.

Molded arms with cell phone holder and cup holder. Durable 600 denier polyester fabric. Weight capacity of 300 lb (139.5 kg). Good for outdoor use.


  • You can easily adjust them to lie flat in five positions on these chairs.
  • Adjustable pillow is also included.
  • They are resistant to rust since they are made up of aluminum.
  • Cup holder, towel bar and phone holder included.
  • Lightweight and can hold weight up to 300 pounds.


  • Tower bar is not really much use.
  • Available in only one color.
  • Overpriced

Are these chairs durable?

Yes, these chairs are extremely durable and rust-resistant.

Is this item easy to use?

Yes, this is very simple to use.

What are the dimensions of this item?

These chairs are 27 inches by 24 inches with a seat height of 9 inches.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Green With Tote Bag Review

This is a bundle of 2 Green Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs + 1 medium Tote Bag.

The tote bag is not a Tommy Bahama article.Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Green With Tote Bag Review

The seat is 9 inches from the ground. The tote bag’s dimensions are 20 x 13 inches. Each kit is provided with 2 chairs and a medium tote bag and gives you the best quality seats.

Features of this chair include durable 600-denier polyester fabric. Weight capacity 300 lb. Adjustable to 5 reclining positions including lay flat. Padded shoulder straps and rubber carry handle.

The tote bag can be found in the storage pouch. Insulated beverage or storage pouch/ Cell phone holder and cup holder. A folding towel bar also included.

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  • Supportive with 600D polyester and can handle up to three hundred pounds.
  • Insulated storage bag perfectly holds your drinks cold.
  • The folding towel bar keeps your towel free of sand.
  • A large seating area to ensure comfort for bigger people.


  • Available in only one color.
  • Only one seating position which is unadjustable.
  • Plastic parts are not very strong, but should not cause a problem.

Will these fit in a suitcase together? What size suitcase?

They will not fit in a carry-on or checked bag.

Are these higher than the normal beach chairs?

These chairs are the normal height for the type of beach chair they are. They are wider than most; a larger person will be comfortable. I believe they hold up to 250-300lbs person. We were very happy with the chairs. They were a great value and were of good quality.

Do these chairs lie flat enough to lie on your stomach in them?

It is possible if your stomach is flattish but more designed for lying back down.

Can it hold my glass of wine?

It is designed to hold a can of pop or bottle of beer so a stemmed wine glass would not work.

Tommy Bahama Lace Up Backpack Beach Chair Review

Take your seat which is convenient almost wherever you go with the Lace-Up Aluminum Beach Backpack Chair. Tommy Bahama Lace Up Backpack Beach Chair ReviewEach folding backpack chair has an extra nautical style with a lace-up suspension.

The flexible suspension supports and adapts to your body and provides comfort throughout the day.

This backpack Chair features a reclining 4-positioned, cup holder for securing your favorite drink. Plastic molded arms offer the comfort of your elbows and forearms.

The lightweight aluminum frame can easily be carried with padded backpack straps that enable unrestricted mobility and adaptability to make for a comfortable journey.


  • Storage pocket.
  • Lightweight.
  • Laces add nautical look.
  • Padded backpack straps.
  • Can handle weights up to 240lbs.


  • No insulated pouch.
  • Only one color option.
  • Close to the ground; making it difficult to get out of.

How much does it weigh?

7 lbs, lightweight frame, aluminum I believe, that is why I bought it, you can still stock it with stuff, drinks, food, and still carry it on your back, and still have your hands free to carry other things down to the beach!

What is the weight limit?

I have no idea, but I am about 190 lbs and there is plenty of room to spare.

How many inches from sand to Seat?

About 6 inches

Does this chair really take 1 or 2 months to ship?

mine did not.

Tommy Bahama Big Boy Backpack Chair Review – Navy

The Tommy Bahama big boy backpack chair has an extra-wide, stronger seat with a stronger aluminum frame.Tommy Bahama Big Boy Backpack Chair Review

It is fitted with additional products such as a padded headrest, a beverage holder to keep your chilled drink at hand and two padded straps that can be adjusted so that this chair can be transported in a breeze.

The weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds. Backpack chairs are patented.

Features of this chair include adjustable 4 recline positions. Sits 13 inches off the ground. Higher than the standard 8-inch seat height.

Thick cushioned pillow, drink holder, molded cushion arms and large rear easy-access carry pouch. Wider and stronger seat. Weight capacity of 300 lbs. Carries easily on your back with adjustable padded shoulder straps.


  • Four reclining positions.
  • Available in three shades of blue.
  • Wide seating area.
  • Lightweight with a drink holder.


  • There is no towel bar.
  • There is no insulated pocket.

Are armrests wood?

I ordered this chair and shipped it to my brother for his birthday, sounds like some of the answers are saying the armrests are NOT wood which is disappointing.

How high from the ground is this chair, I see different heights mentioned?

Maybe 6 inches

Does chair recline to lay back flat position?


Does chair open to a prone position?

This chair does not lay flat.

Tommy Bahama The Big Kahuna Beach Chair Review

The king-sized “big kahuna” of Tommy Bahama is their widest, convenient and flexible beach chair.Tommy Bahama The Big Kahuna Beach Chair Review

Adjustable to five different positions and lays flat as well. It is packed with features such as a fold-down towel bar and headrest pillow, extra-wide hardwood armrests with carrying handles and several pockets for your keys cellular phones and other little things.

It is made of durable, rust-proof, lightweight aluminum frame and polyester.

Available in two styles, the first one is a stylish light blue-turquoise and the second one is in dark blue with a wide range of tropical flowers to make you feel at the beach.

This chair was made to match almost any person’s size and has a number of special features.


  • Sturdy.
  • Higher off the floor.
  • More room.
  • Lays flat.
  • Lightweight.


  • Awning attachment is sharp.
  • The turn knob is in a bad place.
  • When you carry it by the strap over your arm you can cut your leg and when you sit back your hair can get tangled in the knob.


Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar Review

This is a good chair that sits in different positions. You can stack your documents in the pouches provided.Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar Review

It has a towel bar that can be accessed conveniently whenever it is needed.

The chair is constructed from high-quality materials that ensure its longevity. It is easy to hold and store. Very lightweight model.

Features of this chair include a lightweight rustproof aluminum frame with an Insulated beverage or storage pouch, five chair positions including lay flat, adjustable pillow, padded shoulder straps, molded arms with cell phone/cup holder, durable 600-denier polyester fabric, weight capacity of 300lbs.


  • Very light and easy to carry.
  • Many compartments.
  • Cooler on the back.
  • Includes carry handles and backpack straps.


  • Small pockets.
  • Not much durable.


Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair Review

There are five positions on the reclining beach chair, including a flat lying position suitable for all tanning purposes.Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair Review

This sunbathing beach chair was built with its unique design and offers tailored relaxation so you can appreciate a sunny day. armrests provide a proprietary safe-adjust feature that covers the fingertips or arms from getting pinched.

The contoured wooden armrests provide maximum comfort of the elbow and forearm. They are sealed with marine grade coating to prevent scratching and resistance towards everyday weather elements.

Featuring a lightweight and compact design, this reclining beach chair makes for easy, efficient transport with the padded carry strap and for easy storage.

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Take comfort and function to the beach with the Classic 5-Position Aluminum Frame Reclining Beach Chair.


  • Durable chairs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.


  • No backpack straps.
  • No storage pockets.
  • No cop holder.


Tommy Bahama 5 Position Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair Review

From the moment you’re sitting in this chair of Tommy Bahama Beach, you’re going to be in a state of mind of water, surf, and sea.Tommy Bahama 5 Position Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair Review

It is made of a sturdy material made of polyester and a lightweight aluminum frame that is rustproof. Five positions allow for personalized comfort, including a flat position that is ideal for all-over tanning.

The lightweight and compact nature of this Beach chair make transportation and storage simple, secure. The armrests provide finger safety with a no-pinch feature The capacity of holding weight is 250 lbs.

Features of this chair include five positions adjustable and fold flat for transport and storage, sits 8 inches off the ground, hardwood armrests with a marine finish and no-pinch feature, rust-resistant aluminum frame, and rugged 300 deniers fade-resistant polyester.


  • Attractive Design.
  • Very light and Comfortable.
  • Great Quality.


  • Not much comfortable in the reclined position.


Tommy Bahama Easy In / Easy Out Beach Chair Review

The chair of Tommy Bahama lies elevated off the ground with a seat height of 12 inches, making it easy in and easy out.Tommy Bahama Easy In / Easy Out Beach Chair Review

It’s perfect for those who just want a higher chair’s convenience. It adjusts to four positions and has the safety bracket specifically designed to keep fingers and hands secure.

It is constructed of a sturdy material composed of polyester and a lightweight metal frame that is rustproof.

The solid hardwood arms are sealed with polyurethane of marine-grade, and a convenient padded carrying strap is available. It can carry weight up to 250 lbs.


  • Nice and comfortable.
  • Great height.


  • Bulky and Heavy.
  • No cup holders.
  • Not much support for the back.

How To Choose The Best Beach Chair | Best Beach Chair Buying Guide

Best Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Reviews

When selecting a beach chair, the first and foremost thing for which you should be most concerned about is whether the beach chair is robust or not. If it starts to fall apart when you’re on holiday for days, it can be both irritating and costly, particularly if you have to start getting luxurious beach sunbeds as an option.

Weather adaption should be of a lot of emphases. Your chair should be in the type of material that should not start losing its color regardless of how long it has been left out in the sun.

Ideally, the beach chair should also have a “wipe clean” cloth, helping you to get rid of any stains without a second thought and without making them a permanent addition to the appearance of the product

The cloth should be able to dry very easily, as it should also offer plenty of airflows which helps the chair to “breathe.” Also, check closely for any indication that the beach chair is not rustproof through feedback and reviews. When the frame starts to decolor, it can be very uncomfortable and distracting.

Luckily, beach chairs are really cheap to buy online, accessible in a multitude of colors, and typically the photos you’ll find alongside the product descriptions provide a practical beach chair image. Usually, your reference measurements are also given.

Following are the factors that you must ensure while buying a beach chair:

Load Capacity

This is your beach chair’s most critical feature, and the reason is simple: if you don’t do your research, the chair may not be able to support your weight, causing irreparable damage to the structure. If you do not test the chair’s load capacity before buying, it won’t be protected under the manufacturer’s warranty, because it was your fault and also your duty to make sure you buy the right product for your needs.

No matter how much you weigh, there will be a beach chair that suits your needs. At least, load capacity with these products tends to be around the 250lbs mark, but some chairs can handle up to twice as much without breaking a sweat.

In many cases, it all depends on the design of your beach chair, so note that selecting seating that can handle more weight does not necessarily mean that the chair will also be harder to bring around. If you have the opportunity to buy products made of steel or aluminum, you will be pleased with these chairs’ incredibly lightweight nature, as they can weigh less than 10 lbs.

Foldable or Not?

These days, portable beach chairs are all the craze, and that’s because they’re extremely convenient to travel to and from your beloved sunspot. This ensures products with rather large proportions, in terms of distance, duration and height–can be reduced down to a size compact enough to make up in a bag.

An additional feature that you normally enjoy with folding beach chairs is the chance to pick and choose from a variety of sitting positions. While some goods have three preset modes to sell, others may provide five or more.

The only thing to check with this specification is if the hinges will prove to be highly resistant to wear and tear. This can prove to be a major downside of foldable beach chairs, sadly, because the fixtures can not withstand constant movement and abrasion. As a consequence, it could mean that the folding system would stop working entirely, thus tossing every portability hope out of the window.

Since these fixtures can be impossible to replace when purchasing substitutes on the internet (unless you are a highly skilled mechanic) consider finding a company with a dedicated section of their warranties for these fixtures.

Sun Protection

Another important consideration to include when choosing a beach chair is whether or not it comes with extra attachments to make sure that on a warm day you can get a welcome break from the heat.

If you’re really creative, any sun-resistant material could even be draped over the chair, but this can be quite a difficult thing to accomplish, especially if it’s windy in the coastal region where you’re having a holiday.

More often than not, you will see that the simplest way out is to invest in a beach chair which comes with an umbrella that can be balanced until it is completely over your head and upper body. Keep in mind, though, that no old cloth will be up to the task. Alternatively, ensuring that the canopy is pre-treated with a coating that makes it UV protection to a generic SPF 50+ or, preferably, a metal undercoating which acts to a similar effect, is important to you.

Is it sturdy enough?

You should be able to expect a product that feels sturdy when you purchase a beach chair, so you can recline and relax without concern that it will break at any moment under your weight.

If the robustness you deserve is lacking in your beach chair, it can be inclined on one side, meaning you end up sitting or lying at an angle. Worse yet, when you make even the slightest movement, it won’t hold you firm, making you feel seasick even though you’re supposed to be on dry ground.

So, always test the load capacity to see if it is consistent with your weight. Then ask whether the beach chair can be folded to allow transportation. A free pillow including sun protection features also goes a long way in keeping your family safe And finally, a sturdy chair never offends!

The Material of the chair

Pay a lot of attention to the components used to create the beach chair, both in terms of cloth and the structure which keeps it sturdy and weatherproof when putting on the ground.

While aluminum is a country mile’s lightest frame on the market, allowing you to bring other things when you trudge to your favorite beach spot it can chip if you’re not too vigilant, but this shouldn’t impact the structural integrity so much.

Wood is also preferred as it will not conduct heat and become dangerously hot, even if it has been left out for most of the day in the sun, Of course, they may be a little bulky, but they’re unrivaled in terms of safety for children You should purchase a varnish as an accessory and, when paired with gentle sanding, giving it a bit of care each summer leaves it looking as good as new.

While checking the fabric, you will want something strong without sacrificing your comfort. It should be soft that you can easily drift away to the sound of crashing waves without moving around and finding the perfect position. It’s vital that this material always offers plenty of airflow, else your back might get sweaty as it won’t be able to breathe and get some fresh air.

Final thoughts:

The abundance of models that beach chair companies have been selling in recent years is amazing, and that ensures that when you’re on the road and looking for the right piece of furniture for you, you’re almost spoilt for choice.

Others come with cool features like pillows, which can then be pushed out of the way to create other types of “peephole.” If you try to read a book, it comes in handy, but the sunshine makes it almost impossible to appreciate the story without enduring serious neck and back pain.

The “peephole enables you to position the book on the sand by lying on your back and using your hands on either side of the beach chair to comfortably turn the pages. You’re not only going to get a great tan but every step of the way you’ll be relaxed and amused!

Other innovations that have become common over the past few years include swiveling umbrellas that can provide shade wherever you go, and footrests instead of a completely reclining beach chair. Many chairs also come with storage pockets lined along with the armrests, providing quick access to sunscreen tubes, or the trusty chart that will lead you back to the car.

It’s also a great, safe place to store your valuables, like money, if you’re always sitting in the beach chair. Most thefts occur when tote bags are left unattended a few meters away from sunbathers, but the additional proximity provided by this feature will prove to be a real boon.

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